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New Video from Partus Films


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  1. Catherine Wilde #

    Hi Barclay – what a beautiful tribute to your lifework, the transformative powers of singing and the community that continually comes together and evolves. I am so pleased that someone created this piece to celebrate and share online voice emergent. Ouph – it just brings tears to my eyes – I love watching it 🙂 plus it was neat to see what the singing in the cave experience is like – since I am terribly claustrophobic I doubt I will ever be able to join you on that journey. Hugs, Catherine

    April 30, 2012
  2. Shirley Adams #

    Hi Barclay: How wonderful to be able to hear and see your work with Voice Emergent. You may not understand why people keep coming back, but I believe your enthusiasm brings them back – your dedication and leadership is so evident. You have journeyed many miles and many years from the time you played a pump organ at a little church where your dad was the pastor in Toronto. May you continue to get pleasure from your love of music and the friends you have made because of it. Shirley

    May 9, 2012

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