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Before we could speak, our voices were totally uninhibited. As babies we whimpered, sobbed, screamed and cooed, exploring the full capacity of our vocal instrument to find the sounds needed to express our fear, pain, sadness, rage or delight. As our interior experience changed, we found new sounds to express the change. Then, as we acquired words to talk about our feelings, we began to abandon the rich expressiveness of the voice itself. Our voices flattened out and lost much of their ability to authentically convey the emotions underlying the words. LifeSong is about getting that authenticity back.” Barclay McMillan

Participants in Barclay McMillan's LifeSong voice seriesLifeSong is exercise for the voice that opens you up — physically, emotionally, spiritually — to more fully express the genuine, authentic, multi-faceted you. The two LifeSong programs present opportunities to explore your voice as an instrument of self-healing and life transformation. Groups are kept small so that participants can receive lots of personal attention.

Who can benefit from LifeSong?
Satisfied LifeSong participants have included university professors, high school dropouts, health professionals — therapists, doctors, chiropractors — lawyers, engineers, scientists, civil servants, clerks, people between jobs, peace activists, members of the armed forces, people in their teens, people in their seventies, professional singers and people who can’t carry a tune in a bucket. In short, LifeSong is for anyone who is willing to explore the creative potential of the personal voice as a means to self discovery and life enrichment.

What: LifeSong is an exhilarating, challenging and life-transforming 8-week small group program. Through the free exploration of voice and movement, participants explore the patterns of their own life experience, tell their life stories, and create songs out of the various themes of their lives. For more detail, see the brochure (PDF).

The record of a transformative experience typical of LifeSong is available at

Every session of LifeSong is made up of two parts:

  1. Physical movement – participants use free movement to probe the interconnections between breath, motion, emotion and voice.
  2. Autobiography – participants explore the various themes of their lives by singing songs that they have written. You don’t need to have musical experience to do LifeSong – Barclay will work with you to expand and free your voice.

When: The next LifeSong class will be starting April 19, 2016. LifeSong classes are limited to eight people. Classes are held in Lindsay Hall underneath St Luke’s Church, 7:00–10:00pm.

Registration: As the course requires a high level of commitment, participants are admitted only following an interview with the instructor. Barclay generally runs two LifeSong sessions per season. As space sometimes fills up quickly, contact him today for more information.

LifeSong has been helping people come alive through their voices since 1996. An article by one of the students of the very first LifeSong class is available at

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