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Voice workshops

Ottawa voice workshops from Barclay McMillan

Barclay McMillan offers a wide range of voice workshops, many of them held in the acoustically beautiful St Luke’s Church in Ottawa’s Chinatown.

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Cave Chanting

Join us on Saturday, October 13 to explore your voice in the exciting, overtone-rich acoustic magic of the spectacular Bonnechere Caves in Eganville, Ontario.

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Come Sing!

Come Sing! open singing evenings in Ottawa with Barclay McMillanJoyful open evenings in which participants sing together in a glorious acoustic space. The first Wednesday of each month.

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Ottawa Citizen profiles Come Sing!

La, la, la…Barclay McMillan encourages others to find their voices

By Julia Elliott, The Ottawa Citizen, 3 January 2004

Like to find your singing voice?

Don’t fret. No matter what you might think, you’ve got a voice that’s worth hearing. Barclay McMillan, a former host of CBC Radio’s Mostly Music, is adamant on that point. It’s important, he croons, “if for no other reason than that it feels good.” He delivers the “feels good” in a drawn-out, sensual bass that hints at the extreme joy of allowing the voice to tap its potential.

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